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Graduate Program

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Welcome to the Graduate Program in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology! Members of the BCMB faculty conduct research in diverse range of topics, including computational and experimental analyses of dynamic protein structures and interactions, protein biochemistry, intracellular and receptor protein signaling, organelle physiology, plant growth, transcriptional/chromosomal regulation, and neuronal signaling. Adjunct faculty within the BCMB program include individuals in the Engineering department and UT Medical Center as well as Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We seek highly motivated graduate students interested in pursuing research/professional careers in these areas. The BCMB Graduate program includes an initial year of core classes and laboratory research rotations followed by a broad array of more specialized courses. We strive to ensure that students graduate from our program with the research and communication skills necessary for success. Please check out the departmental website, including the faculty research interests, the graduate handbook, and instructions for how to apply to the program, for more details.

If you wish for additional information about applying to the program, please contact Dr. Mariano Labrador, the head of Graduate Admissions ( For general information about the program, email Dr. Brad Binder.

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Graduate Student Organization

The BCMB Graduate Student Organization at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, represents and supports the interests of the BCMB department's current and future graduate student community. We promote academic excellence and camaraderie; provide information and services; and advocate our graduate students' agenda to the department and University. The BCMB GSO is dedicated to assist graduate students throughout their academic careers, and facilitate communication and interactions between graduate students and external constituencies.

Please contact for information about upcoming events and how you can get involved.