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Summer Research Opportunities for Undergraduates


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With our emphasis on undergraduate research, we offer many ways for UTK students to do research throughout the year and in the summers. Interested UTK undergraduates should contact BCMB faculty members early in the spring semester to begin making arrangements for summer research. Some faculty can fund a summer research project from grant funds. The Office of Research has established an Office of Undergraduate Research that highlights research activities across campus. This program includes an Undergraduate Intenship Program for interested students to apply for summer stipends to do research on the UTK campus.

We also sponsor programs that provide opportunities for students from other campuses to come experience research in the BCMB department and elsewhere at UTK. These opportunities include:

The BCMB Program is an REU on "Sensing and Signaling" for visiting students.

The National Institute of Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) also provides an program for undergraduates and veterinary students to experience research in mathematical biology.

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